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Brief Introduction of Quality Management System

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Brief Introduction of Quality Management System

Since its establishment, Shaoxing Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. has undergone more than 20 years of continuous improvement in quality management, and has established and continued to operate an ISO9000 quality management system as a guideline to meet customers’ product quality or service requirements. In order to understand JIEHUA's quality management operating mechanism more intuitively, the following briefly introduces the five major modules of the product realization process in the quality management system: raw material control, process control, completion control, finished product control and after-sales service.


Raw material control:

Raw material control is the source of quality management. Choosing qualified raw material suppliers is the guarantee of providing quality products and services to end customers. Over the years, JIEHUA has attached great importance to the qualification review of raw material suppliers, cooperated with high-quality suppliers, fully communicated with product key control indicators and analysis methods, coordinated and unified the use of the same analysis methods and analytical instruments, and developed raw material inspection standards.



Process control:

The production department organizes production according to the sales order, and the raw materials start to enter the production workshop. According to the requirements of the process production manual, the entire processing procedure is controlled to produce the products required by the customer. The process control process is a key control point in the entire quality control process, and the company pays special attention to it. In recent years, the investment in hardware such as quality measurement, flow measurement, temperature and pressure detection, interlocking control, etc. has increased year by year. The equipment and facilities required for process control in each workshop have been continuously improved, and the automatic control of each workshop has basically been realized to ensure process control parameters or indicators. In control.


The Quality Department compiles QC engineering tables and process inspection standards in accordance with product process characteristics, comprehensively monitors and detects the entire process control process, and uses quality management tools such as statistical process control (SPC) to analyze process control capabilities and process standardization, and explore the process Abnormal, and immediately take improvement measures to make the process control normal.



Completion control:

After completing all the processing procedures in the workshop and before entering the warehouse, in order to prevent defective products from flowing out of the production workshop, the quality department will inspect the processed semi-finished products in accordance with the requirements of the completion inspection standards, and the inspection will be passed into the warehouse. If it is unqualified, the semi-finished product will be returned to the workshop for reprocessing, and the unqualified product will be processed according to the procedure.



Finished product control:

Before the finished product is shipped, the quality assurance personnel will determine the number of sampling packages according to the solid sampling requirements, and the samples will be sent to the laboratory for testing according to the finished product inspection standard. The test results meet the customer's requirements and shipped. If the finished product fails to pass the test, it will be downgraded or dealt with according to the procedure for non-conforming products. Finished product control is the last control procedure before shipment. The quality department of Shaoxing Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. strictly controls the shipment of finished products according to product quality standards that meet customer requirements.


After-sales service:

After the customer receives the goods, it is found during the product acceptance that the product does not meet the customer's standard requirements, or an abnormal situation occurs during use. Our company's quality department immediately organizes an investigation to find out the reasons for the product failure, propose preventive and corrective measures, and implement rectification. Continuously improve product quality.

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